About Me

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My name is Jay. I am a 30 something woman living in lovely Mansfield, Victoria Australia. Lucky me!

I am married to the most handsome guy in the world & we have produced three of the cutest little kids in the world!

I love photography.

I love photographing people, places and those little moments that happen in everyday life. Documenting them in the most creative and natural way.

I specialize in portrait and wedding photography. Whether its family photographs, couples, pregnancy post or pre, solo shots, pre-wedding, wedding, party or occasion- I would love to be there snapping away, capturing those faces and moments that you will have forever to remember.

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Things that I won’t do if you invite me to your wedding:

  1. Be late
  2. Get drunk
  3. Forget to load my film
  4. Crack onto your groomsmen
  5. Interrupt your ceremony
  6. Blind you with flash
  7. Tell you when to smile
  8. Bring an entourage
  9. Miss your first kiss
  10. Take forever to have your photos ready

But I will;

  1. Capture the day as it unfolds
  2. Blend in with your guests
  3. Talk to your grandma
  4. Help your groomsmen put on their flowers
  5. Be there as long as you want
  6. Make you feel relaxed
  7. Enjoy your day
  8. Stay out of the way
  9. Be ready for anything
  10. Be jealous of your honeymoon

Have a look around my site, I would love to hear your enquiries for your photography needs and wants.




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